Home School Support

Crest Community Kitchen – open to the Crest & Delce school community each morning

Louise Coniam is our Home School Support Worker. Louise runs the Community Kitchen (see above) as well as looking after all of our families and working with parents to ensure they and their children are happy.

Louise is in school every morning and on a Monday and Friday afternoon. She is well equipped to offer advice to parents on a range of matters e.g. attendance, behaviour management, fussy eaters, sleep routines and bedtimes or any other welfare issue which may be affecting your child.

We are here to listen and support you so that your child is happy and ready to learn when they come to school. However a happy child needs a happy family so part of Louise’s work will be to support the whole family unit e.g. with money concerns, housing issues, parenting needs or health matters.

You can contact Louise through the school office or at the door in the mornings.