Aims, Values and Ethos

Reaching for the stars hand in hand…

Our Vision

Our vision is for a happy, safe learning environment which enables the whole community to achieve, enjoy learning and aspire to be the best they can be.

We work closely with families and other partners to deliver a rich, diverse and fun curriculum which enables all pupils to engage in their learning, be independent and succeed. Through this we prepare our children for the next stage in their lives as caring, confident and capable members of society.

Our STAR principles support us in achieving our vision…


Our STAR principles are for everyone. They provide the context within which all children, staff, governors and parents can work together to achieve our aims:

S is for Successful

T is for Teamwork

A is for Aspirational

R is for Respectful

Children’s version:

We are STAR learners. We are:

Successful – we are ready to learn

Team members – we work together

Aiming high – to be the best we can be

Respectful – we have respect for ourselves, other people and our school

Our Ethos…

We believe that…

  • everyone can learn and succeed
  • children learn most effectively in a safe, supportive and positive environment
  • children respond most positively in an environment where tolerance and caring are encouraged
  • children learn best when everyone feels included
  • children should have opportunities to learn, and achieve his or her full potential
  • children learn best when learning is fun
  • children benefit from taking ownership and responsibility for their own actions
  • children deserve all staff to be committed, well-trained and up-to-date in order to meet the challenges of the future
  • children benefit from a strong partnership between home, school and community
  • children respond best in a learning environment which is well structured, stimulating and relevant, meeting their individual needs