We believe that homework plays a vital role not only in the advancement of pupils’ knowledge and skills but also in reinforcing the partnership between school and home. We value the opportunity for children to share their learning experiences with their parents and similarly for parents to support their child’s intellectual development.

Homework can take the form of reading, revising phonics learned in class, playing maths games and learning spellings. We do understand that sometimes a child may be too tired at the end of the day to do additional school activities and that it may be better to postpone homework to a more conducive time.

The home learning grids (below) are designed to ensure children and parents can have fun together while learning at home. The grids are sent out at the beginning of each term and families can choose which activity they complete each week.

In addition to these, children in Years 1 and 2 have weekly spellings sent home and in Year R they will have phonics and high frequency words to practise. We also advise that children read with an adult every night. Year 2 children may also have an additional maths activity sent home.

Teachers do positively encourage the pupils to complete their homework regularly and monitor their achievements.

At the end of each term, parents in all year groups are invited into school to share the Parents in Partnership home learning books with their child.

Academic Year 2017 – 2018

Year 1 Homework Term 1 – Ourselves

Year 2 Homework Term 1 – Farming

Year 2 Term 2 Homework – Around the UK

Year 2 Term 3 Homework – Disasters

Academic Year 2016 – 2017

Year 1 Homework Term 3 – Underwater

Year 2 Homework Term 3 – Disasters

Year 1 Homework Term 4 – Jungles

Year 2 Homework Term 4 ‘Around the UK’

Year 1 Homework Term 5 ‘Dinosaurs’

Year 2 Homework Term 5 ‘Around the World’

Year 1 Homework Term 6 – Castles

Year 2 Homework Term 6 – Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch