Who are we and what do we do?
We are a team of volunteers (comprised of staff, parents and community representatives) who work closely with the Headteacher to make key strategic decisions to ensure the successful running of the school, that standards of achievement are raised to make decisions on the school budget and staffing.  Our most important job, of course, is to make sure that pupils are getting the best education possible.

We aim to communicate regularly with the parent community which involves an annual survey and termly newsletters. Please see below.

Parent Survey 2016

Governing Body Newsletter 2

Governing Body Newsletter 1

How can we be contacted?
The Governing Body (including the Chair) can be contacted via the school office; our two parent governors can often be found at the school entrance/on the playground at the beginning or end of the day and are more than happy to talk to fellow parents should you wish to speak to them.

Minutes of Meetings
The Governing Body meets regularly and the minutes of their meetings are available via the school office should anyone wish to see them.

Main Governing Body
Chair Nicola Archenoul Co-opted Governor
 Vice Chair Ray Holbrook Co-opted Governor
Jane Shields Head teacher Governor
 Chair of Resources Committee Ray Holbrook Co-opted Governor
Chloe Brown (nee Halsey) Staff Governor
 Chair of Curriculum Committee Rebecca Brain Co-opted Governor
Tanya Terry Parent Governor
Esame Diyan Co-opted Governor
Patrice Adams Co-opted Governor
Ellie Wood Parent Governor
Naomi Palmer LA Governor
Safoa Mensah Associate Governor
Resources Committee
 Chair Ray Holbrook
Nicola Archenoul
Jane Shields
Safoa Mensah
Patrice Adams
Curriculum Committee
Chloe Brown
Jane Shields
Ellie Woods
Naomi Palmer
Tanya Terry
Esame Diyan
 Chair Rebecca Brain

Governing Body Meetings
Full Governing Body meetings take place four times a year during which the business of the school is discussed and reports are received from the two sub committees – Curriculum and Resources.

Curriculum Committee (Chair – Rebecca Brain)
The Curriculum Committee’s main purpose is to monitor, review and challenge pupil progress and attainment data and provide strategic oversight of the delivery of the school curriculum and then report back to the Governing Body.

Resources Committee (Chair – Ray Holbrook)
The Committee’s main purpose is to have strategic oversight of the school budget, buildings and staffing.  In particular, it ensures that the school operates in accordance with its Finance Policy as well as that of the Local Authority.  This includes ensuring value for money and that budget spend is to the benefit of the pupils’ education.

Academic Year 2017 – 2018

Register of Attendance FGB 13.09.17

Academic Year 2016 – 2017

Register of attendance FGB 14 09 16

Register of Attendance Resources Committee 13/10/16

Register of Attendance Curriculum Meeting 14 11 16

Register of Attendance FGB 07 12 16

Register of Attendance Resources Committee 01/02/17

Register of Attendance Extraordinary FGB Meeting 27/02/17

Register of Attendance FGB Meeting 22.03.17

Register of Attendance Curriculum Committee 10/05/17

Register of Attendance – Resources Committee 18.05.17

Register of Attendance FGB 12.07.17

Governing Body Profiles:

Nicola Archenoul (Term of office: 22/04/2014 until 22/04/2018)

Nicola Archenoul is the Chair of the Governing Body.  She is a married working mum of two children who both attended the school.

Nicola joined the Governing Body as a parent governor in 2006 and became Chair in 2011. Being a governor has given her an insight into the running of a good school and most importantly an appreciation of the time and effort put in by staff to ensure they deliver the best education possible for your children.

Despite Nicola’s own children having now left,  she chooses to continue as a member of the Governing Body as she is very proud of our school and believes that it does the best for all the children that pass through. However we are always looking to improve and Nicola is keen to support them in all that they want to achieve.

Nicola is also a member of the Resources Committee.

In 2016/2017, Nicola attended 4/4 Resources Committee meetings and 5/5 Full Governing Body meetings.

Tanya Terry (Term of office: 07/12/2014 until 07/12/2018)

Tanya became a Parent Governor  in 2012 when her daughter joined the school.  Her son is currently in Year 2 and she has welcomed the opportunity to continue her involvement as both a parent and a governor, valuing the on going insight into the children’s daily life in school. Her work patterns have given her the opportunity to attend many school events and assemblies and to read weekly in the classroom with both her children.

Tanya works as a maths teacher in a local grammar school and brings a variety of experience in a range of educational contexts, including some supply teaching in primary schools. She has also worked in healthcare in the local community gaining insight, in particular, into some of the complex needs of our community. Tanya is a member of her local church where she is on the church council, helps with the Sunday school and leads the music.

Tanya considers it a responsibility and a privilege to be part of school life as a parent governor and to be part of effecting meaningful changes within the school.

Tanya is a member of the Curriculum Committee and lead governor for mathematics.

In 2016/2017, Tanya attended 2/3 Curriculum Committee meetings and 4/5 Full Governing Body meetings.

Chloe Brown (Term of office: 15/09/2014 until 19/09/2018)

Chloe is the staff governor on the Governing Body. She has been a teacher at Crest Infant School for 6 years, where she is currently teaching Year 1. Chloe has been a member of the Senior Leadership Team for 4 years and she is subject lead for English across the school.

Chloe enjoys watching football and supports West Ham FC. Other hobbies and interest include shopping, spending time with my family and attending the gym. Chloe is pleased to be part of the Governing Body and is looking forward to supporting the school in the next step of their journey.

Chloe is a member of the Curriculum Committee.

In 2016/2017, Chloe attended 3/3 Curriculum Committee meetings and 3/5 Full Governing Body meetings.

Ray Holbrook (Term of office: 07/12/2016 until 07/12/2020)

Ray became a parent governor in 2012 where he served a full term. In 2016, he became co-opted governor and in 2017 Vice Chair of the Governing Body. Ray moved to Rochester 10 years ago and loves the area. Ray runs his own electrical contracting and engineering company and works all over London and the South East.

Ray developed an interest in how the school was run and the effect a good start in school life would have on the children when his daughter started in reception. He believes that governors have an important role to play and that our experience from outside the school system helps us to question decisions, bring fresh ideas and support the school in fulfilling its duties to the children.

Ray is very proud of how the school has moved forward since Jane Shields became head teacher  in 2015 and really believes that Crest Infant and Nursery School has a bright and positive future ahead.

Ray is also Chair of the Resources Committee.

In 2016/207, Ray attended 3/4 Resources Committee meetings and 4/5 Full Governing Body meetings.

Esame Diyan (Term of office 29/04/2015 until 29/04/2019)

Esame was appointed in April 2015. She is a member of the Curriculum Committee and is very interested in how young children learn.

In 2016/207, Esame attended 1/3 Curriculum Committee meetings and 2/5 Full Governing Body meetings.

Rebecca Brain (Term of office 29/04/2015 until 29/04/2019)

Rebecca has a child in Year 1 at the school and is our lead governor for English (Literacy) and PE.

Rebecca is Chair of the Curriculum Committee.

In 2016/2017, Rebecca attended 3/3 Curriculum Committee meetings and 3/5 Full Governing Body meetings.

Patrice Adams (Term of office 13/07/16 – 30/06/2020)

Patrice was appointed to the Governing Body on 13.7.16 having previously been a governor of a school in Essex where she lived prior to moving to Medway a couple of years ago.

She has a wealth of financial skills and expertise, gained from working many years as a qualified accountant in both the private sector and not-for-profit sector.  Her commitment to education has led her to volunteer her time to the school and she is looking forward to making a positive contribution as a member of the community of the school.

Patrice is a member of the Resources Committee.

In 2016/2017, Patrice attended 3/4 Curriculum Committee meetings and 3/5 Full Governing Body meetings.

Naomi Palmer (term of office 13/09/16 – 31/08/2020)

Naomi is the Local Authority appointed member of the Governing Body. She is an Assistant Headteacher in a local school having achieved further promotion from her post as Early Years Lead at our school.

A passionate early years practitioner, Naomi wishes to retain her links with the school and has served on the Governing Body since September 2016.

Naomi is a member of the Curriculum Committee.

In 2016/2017, Naomi attended 1/3 Curriculum Committee meetings and 4/5 Full Governing Body meetings.

Safoa Mensah (term of office 12/07/16 – 12/06/2020)

Safoa works for Medway Council as part of their finance team. She previously served on the Governing Body and has now come back on to the governing board as an Associate governor. She offers advice and attends Resources Committee meetings.

Safoa is a member of the Resources Committee.

In 2016/2017, Safoa attended 2/4 Resources Committee meetings and 0/5 Full Governing Body meetings.

Ellie Woods

Ellie is our newest member of the Governing Body.  She has been newly appointed as a member of the Curriculum Committee.