HA maths reception

Our aim is to develop a fascination for mathematics and to promote enjoyment in the subject, ensuring all children are confident and capable mathematicians. We achieve this by making our lessons as practical as possible and by allowing children sufficient time to not only apply their acquired skill but also to apply it.

We aim to take maths learning outside as much as we can and to link mathematical concepts to other subjects e.g. Science, so that children can make mathematical connections with real life experiences.

The new National Curriculum (introduced to Year 1 children in 2014 and to Year 2 in 2015) is delivered through a mixture of practical, oral and mental work and more formal recording methods are introduced as the children progress. Children are taught to problem solve and use mental calculation skills from EYFS to Year 2.

We hold an annual Maths Day where children and their parents participate in many enjoyable and varied mathematical activities.

Click here for a copy of our Calculation policy 2014

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