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 Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead: Mrs Shields

Deputy Safeguarding Officers: Mrs Seales (Deputy Headteacher), Mrs Marco (Inclusion Lead)

 EYFS Team      
Mrs Jones   Starfish  Class            EYFS Lead teacher (SLT)
Mrs Seales    Goldfish Class  DHT
Mrs Kemp   Goldfish Class Nursery Practitioner
Mrs Barratt    Goldfish Class  TA
Miss Falzon    Goldfish Class  Apprentice
Mrs Marks   Starfish Class  Teacher (1 day)
Mrs Glew   Starfish Class   TA
Miss Ring   Whale Class   Teacher
Mrs Redman   Whale Class TA 
Mrs Georgieva   Octopus Class  Teacher
Miss King   Octopus Class TA
Year 1 Team      
Mrs Banks   Penguin Class Y1 Lead Teacher (SLT)
Mrs Baldock   Penguin Class TA
Miss Tunbridge   Seahorse Class Teacher (3 days)
Mrs Bradley   Seahorse Class Teacher (2 days)
Mrs Wallington/Miss Dixon    Seahorse Class TA 
Mrs Seales   Seahorse Class Teacher and DHT
Mrs Webb    Seahorse Class  HLTA
Mrs Webb      Year 1 HLTA
Year 2 Team  
Mrs Munson   Stingray
Y2 Lead teacher (SLT)
Mrs Baker    Stingray TA 
Mrs Warway  Dolphin Class  Teacher (3 days)
Mrs Hyde  Dolphin Class  Teacher (2 days)
Mrs Dalligan   Dolphin Class TA
Mrs Stutely   Polar Bear Class Teacher (4 days)
 Mrs Mitcher    Polar Bear Class  Teacher (1 day)
Mr Reid-Hinchcliffe   Polar Bear Class  TA
Mrs Hill     Y2 HLTA
 Inclusion Team  
Mrs Marco     Inclusion Manager  (SLT)
Mrs Ormesher     Home/School Support and play therapy
Mrs Glew     TA
Mrs King     TA
Mrs Webb     TA
Mrs Pearce     TA 
Mrs Dalligan     TA
Mr Reid-Hinchcliffe     TA
 Admin Staff  
Mrs Orr Business Manager 
Miss Tripp Administrative and Finance Assistant
Miss Lindfield PA to Headteacher/SLT/Clerk to Governors
Mrs Bourne Administrative and Attendance Assistant
Mr Robinson IT support 
 Mid-day Supervisors  
Mrs Redman  Senior MDS
Mrs Featherstone  
Miss Dickinson  
Miss Dixon  
Mrs Percival  
Mrs Smith  
Mrs Glew  
Mr Reid-Hinchcliffe   
Mrs Pearce  
Mrs Wallington
Premises Staff      
Mr Davey     Caretaker
Mr Hayward     Caretaker 
Mrs Dixon      
Mrs Percival      
Mrs Wright      
Mrs Smith      
Kitchen Staff      Caterlink employees
Katie Odd      
Lara Woollen      
Sheila Wright      
Diane Wallington