Crest Infant & Nursery School

“Reaching for the stars, hand in hand”

Priorities for School Improvement Summary

Target 1 – Outcomes for Pupils


To ensure that all children use and apply basic skills in reading, writing and mathematics confidently and competently, so that at key assessment points children at least reach, if not exceed, national standards year on year.

Overall success criteria:

We want our children to be confident users of language and number in order to communicate effectively and solve problems in real life situations.

Target 2 – Teaching, Learning & Assessment


All teaching is to be good or better ensuring that the provision on offer allows all children to develop the skills to become successful learners, who enjoy learning, make progress and achieve. This will be embedded in a curriculum which can teach our children the skills they need to be life-long learners.

Overall success criteria:

We will develop a creative curriculum and assessment framework which is based on the needs of our children and is founded on the principles of effective learning. This will lead to increasingly creative teaching and learning in the classroom and in our outdoor learning spaces.

Target 3 – Personal Development, Behaviour & Well-being


Further develop whole school consistency in managing behaviour, including behaviour for learning and in particular the behaviour of those who have additional needs. Ensure all aspects of safeguarding are exemplary.

Overall success criteria:

Our children, staff, parents and visitors to the school feel they are in a safe environment wherever they are within the school site and understand their responsibility to keep themselves safe.

Target 4 – Leadership & Management


To ensure effective communication with all groups within the school community and promote a shared understanding of the schools aims and objectives for improvement.

Overall success criteria:

All groups within the school community feel they have ‘a voice’ within the school. This includes the children.


Target 5 – EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage)


The quality of the learning, teaching, safety and welfare within the EYFS will be at least good.


Target 6- Premises Development


We will plan effectively to provide a healthy, secure, safe learning environment and to further develop the appearance and learning potential of the school building and grounds.