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Childcare Options

For information on Childminders,  help with paying for Childcare or even becoming a childminder, contact the Family Information Service on 01634 335566.

Family information Service


The different forms of childcare are described below:

  • Childminders and Day Nurseries
  • Maintained Nursery Settings
  • Pre-School

Day Nurseries are private providers offering care for children from 0-5 years. Children are cared for in age groups, and take part in a wide range of group activities They have fixed opening times, and most are open all year round, excluding weekends. Accredited nurseries are eligible for Nursery Education Funding.

Maintained Nursery Settings are based on school sites They offer teacher supported learning though play, based around the Foundation Stage (Birth to 3) Curriculum, for 3 and 4 year olds prior to their entry to school. They are open during term time only.

Pre Schools provide sessional and wrap-around care, and learning through play for pre-school children. They offer an introduction to group play away from Parents or Carers. Some may offer Nursery Education Funded places.




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